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Breast augmentation lake county | robert frank mdIf you’re a Hobart woman considering getting a breast augmentation, you probably have a lot of questions about the procedure and your expected results. And if you haven’t had children yet, or are in the middle of adding children to your family, you might be wondering, “Will pregnancy ruin my breast augmentation?” Hobart area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank has performed hundreds of breast augmentations over his 20 years in private practice, on women in all different stages of life. He is here to answer your questions and assure you that breast augmentations are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, and that neither will necessarily “ruin” your breast augmentation.

Breast Implants Are Completely Safe for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

The most important thing for Hobart women to recognize is that getting a breast augmentation before becoming pregnant is perfectly safe, both for the mother, the unborn child and for breastfeeding. Dr. Frank uses certain incisions to insert breast implants, such as the inframammary incision, which is made directly underneath the breast and away from milk ducts. Ensuring future breastfeeding capabilities is also one of the many reasons that Dr. Frank prefers to place the breast implant behind the breast muscle, so the implant will not put undue pressure on the milk ducts or interrupt the blood supply to them.

Pregnancy Changes Your Body, but Not Necessarily Your Breast Augmentation.

No Hobart woman can deny that pregnancy changes your body. Your belly enlarges, you tend to gain weight in other areas, and you may get stretch marks. And after pregnancy, as you lose weight and work to regain your pre-pregnancy body, you may find that you get more stretch marks, or that you now have loose or sagging skin. However, none of these postpartum changes guarantee that you are going to see a change in your breast augmentation results. Many women go through pregnancy and even breastfeeding while maintaining the same breast augmentation results they had before their pregnancy.

Breast Augmentation Before and Afters

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If You Do Need Breast Surgery Post-Pregnancy, You’ll Likely Need a Breast Lift, Not New Implants.

Women who have had breast augmentations before pregnancy who do notice a change in their breasts postpartum typically don’t see a difference in the volume of their breast tissue that has been filled with implants. Instead, they typically see excess skin, which is the result of the breasts having swollen beyond the size of their augmented breasts during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and having reduced after the postpartum period is over. These women are more likely to need a breast lift – which removes excess skin from the breast and repositions the nipples, if they are sagging – than a secondary breast augmentation. However, some women undergoing a Mommy Makeover, a popular procedure which includes a tummy tuck and breast surgery, choose to get their implants replaced, but usually because they have since decided to go with a different implants size, shape or profile, not because pregnancy “ruined” their first breast augmentation.

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