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Breast augmentation lake county | robert frank mdDeciding to have a breast augmentation can be a huge decision, and one that many do not take lightly. Many women have a series of questions about breast augmentation that they ask board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank during their initial consultation with him. One of the more common questions that Dr. Frank gets is, “What will my breasts look like immediately after my breast augmentation?”

Remember, Your Immediate Results Are Not Your Permanent Results.

It’s important to remember that immediately following your breast augmentation; your body is recovering from surgery. For this and many other reasons, the immediate results you see the day of and the initial days following your breast augmentation are not your final results.
Immediately after your breast augmentation, you can expect your breasts to be swollen, have a “tight” appearance, and sit higher on your chest. This is all normal and expected. As your body recovers from surgery, the swelling will reduce, the tightness will dissipate, and your implants will drop into their final, natural-looking position. To help move this process along, you should follow Dr. Frank’s post-operative instructions to a “T.” This means wearing your bra, resting, taking your prescribed medications to control pain and swelling, and refraining from exercise for the first 6 weeks following your breast augmentation surgery.

When Will I See My Final Breast Augmentation Results?

When you will see your final breast augmentation results depends on your unique physique and how well you have followed Dr. Frank’s post-operative instructions. Typically, breast implants settle about 4 to 6 weeks after breast augmentation surgery. But, don’t be alarmed if, during that first month and a half, your breasts look asymmetric. It is extremely common for each implant to settle at its own speed, temporarily causing uneven breasts. For most women, their final results will be symmetrical, natural-looking breasts that give them added confidence in their appearance.

Breast Augmentation Before and Afters

Breast augmentation before and after comparison | robert frank md

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What Else Should I Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery?

With 20 years’ experience in private practice, Dr. Frank is an extremely skilled plastic surgeon. In order to provide his breast augmentation patients with the most symmetric results possible, Dr. Frank only uses two incision types on the breasts – the periareolar incision (which places an incision on the bottom curve of the areola) and the inframammary incision (which places an incision in the bottom crease of the breast, where the breast tissue meets the rib cage). Since both of these incision types are on the breast, it is much easier to create augmented breasts that are symmetrical. Also, most women like that the scarring from these two incision types is easily hidden by a bra or bikini top.

How Can I Get My Other Questions Answered?

If you’re a woman considering breast augmentation, and you have questions that you’d like answered before you proceed, then we encourage you to call Dr. Frank’s offices to set up a helpful consultation with him. Call today at (219) 513-2015.