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Breast augmentation lake county | robert frank mdAll women have some degree of breast asymmetry. It’s just a natural fact of life. But for Hobart women whose breasts are so asymmetrical that the difference is very noticeable through clothing or when wearing a bathing suit, the breast asymmetry can be embarrassing. In fact, breast asymmetry and the desire to have more natural-looking breasts are among the many reasons that Hobart women come to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Frank of Robert Frank Plastic Surgery for a breast augmentation.

Choosing the Correct Implant for Your Asymmetrical Breasts

If you have breasts that are noticeably asymmetrical,  then you and Dr. Frank will want to spend a great deal of time determining which breast implants to use on each breast. This means that you will spend time choosing a breast implant size, shape and profile for your breast augmentation. And since your breasts are asymmetrical, you will likely end up using two different types of implants in each breast.

Breast Augmentation Before and Afters

Breast augmentation before and after comparison | robert frank md

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Choosing an Incision Type to Reduce the Risk of Further Breast Asymmetry

There are three breast augmentation incision types from which Hobart women can choose from, but some of them make it easier for Dr. Frank to ensure symmetrical results:

  • The Periareolar Incision is when an incision is made along the bottom curve of the areola. The implant is then placed through this incision Because the incision is placed directly only the breast, it is easier for Dr. Frank to ensure more symmetrical results for your breast augmentation. Additionally, Hobart women like this breast incision type because the darkened skin of the areola tends to disguise the scarring.
  • The Inframammary Incision is when an incision is made at the bottom of the breast crease, where the breast meets the rib cage. Just like with a periareolar incision, this incision type is preferred by Dr. Frank for ensuring symmetrical results because it is made directly at the breast. Hobart women also like that a bra or bikini top will hide the breast incision scar.
  • The Transaxillary Incision is when an incision is made under the arm, and then a pocket is created to insert the breast implant into the breast tissue. But because the incision is farther away from the breast, it makes it harder for Dr. Frank to ensure symmetrical results.

Ask Dr. Frank if You Have Further Questions

Correcting breast asymmetry is an important reason that many Hobart women undergo breast augmentation. But before you make the final decision it is important that you have realistic results for what a breast augmentation can provide you. We highly recommend that you reach out to Dr. Frank by scheduling an initial consultation with him in the Hobart area at Robert Frank Plastic Surgery so that he can perform a full examination of your breasts, discuss your goals and concerns, answer your questions and give you realistic expectations for a breast augmentation procedure. He is committed to finding the most personalized solution for each of his patients, to make sure they will get the results they’ve always wanted.