With an arm lift, or brachioplasty, Robert Frank, MD Plastic Surgery helps patients in Munster, Hobart, Crown Point, and Frankfort reduce the excess skin that often results after extensive weight loss.*

Through the procedure, Dr. Frank gives patients a slimmer silhouette to compliment the weight that they have shed through diet, exercise, or bariatric surgery.* It is particularly useful for patients who are not good candidates for liposuction because brachioplasty specifically targets excess skin rather than excess fat.

Dr. Frank’s Approach to Brachioplasty

In the initial consultation, patients meet with Dr. Frank so that they can ask questions about the arm lift procedure and learn what to expect following surgery.
Brachioplasty patients from Hobart, Munster, Crown Point, and Frankfort have their treatments performed in licensed surgical facilities. During the procedure:

  • Patients receive general anesthesia so that they are comfortable through the surgery.
  • Dr. Frank places the incision on the posterior aspect of the arm, where it is somewhat hidden and should become less noticeable over time as the scar fades.
  • He reduces the excess skin and creates a slimmer contour around the arms.*
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*Individual results may vary
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Recovery from Brachioplasty

After surgery, patients return home to heal. Dr. Frank typically sees brachioplasty patients from Hobart, Munster, Crown Point, and Frankfort once a week during recovery. In addition:

  • Most people will be out from work for a couple of weeks as swelling reduces.*
  • Dr. Frank advises patients to wear a compression sleeve to help reduce swelling.
  • Pain medication and other recommendations our practice provides support a more comfortable recuperation.*

Patients are likely to have some short-term tingling or numbness in their fingers and swelling around the surgical site, though the recovery is usually faster than with thigh surgery.* If the skin is in very poor condition, patients may require a second procedure to get the quality of results they want.

Brachioplasty patients usually see their final outcome within about six months.* However, they should experience a significantly improved body contour much sooner: within about one month.*

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If you live in Munster, Hobart, Crown Point, or Frankfort and are seeking solutions to excess skin after weight loss, consider an arm lift with Robert Frank MD Plastic Surgery. Schedule your brachioplasty consultation online or by calling our office at (219) 513-2011.
*Individual results may vary