People who lose a significant amount of weight, such as post-bariatric surgery patients, often have excess skin left over. This can be a big concern around the abdomen and back, where extra skin can get in the way of physical activity.

Dr. Frank offers Munster and Hobart-area patients body lift surgery to reduce excess skin and create a more aesthetic body contour.* Often referred to as a BELT lipectomy or lower body lift, the procedure can produce dramatic improvement in the patient’s daily life and self-image.*

Dr. Frank’s Approach to Body Lift

During the initial consultation, Dr. Frank talks with patients about the results they want to achieve. Body lift may be one important part of overall reconstructive surgery, and by spending time with the patient and learning about his or her preferences, Dr. Frank can create a cohesive surgical plan.

In the past, patients who wanted to reduce excess skin around their torso had to rely on tummy tuck, which only improves a limited area of concern. With body lift for Hobart and Munster-area patients, Dr. Frank creates a 360-degree incision that raises the skin and eliminates excess all around.

After patients decide to have the procedure, Dr. Frank typically coordinates with their bariatric surgeon to conduct the body lift. Patients return for a second visit to have preoperative testing, ensure they are healthy enough for surgery, and complete consent forms.

About the Procedure

In a body lift, patients receive general anesthesia so that they remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Surgery takes about four hours.*
The body lift creates several improvements in the patient’s appearance:

  • The procedure flattens the abdomen and removes hanging skin.*
  • Some patients have a pronounced pubic area, and surgery can make it less prominent.*
  • The quality of the hips improves laterally, and the buttocks will typically rise to a higher, correct position.*

Dr. Frank can also excise heavy skin rolls to improve the appearance of the back and torso.*

*Individual results may vary
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Recovery from Body Lift

During recovery from body lift, Hobart and Munster patients come back for follow-up visits to ensure that they are healing properly. Typically, drains stay in place for two weeks, after which time our practice removes them.* Dr. Frank cautions patients against excessive activity as they recover, particularly because many have poor skin elasticity to begin with.

Body lift patients are some of Dr. Frank’s most satisfied clientele. They recognize an immediate improvement in their mobility and body contour.* After what may have been a lengthy period of time encumbered with weight and excess skin, the results of surgery can offer a significant change for the better.*

If you are considering bariatric surgery or have significant excess skin following weight loss, speak with our practice about body lift. Hobart and Munster patients can call our office at (219) 513-2011.
*Individual results may vary