Labiaplasty is a procedure to alter the inner and outer folds of skin that surround the vulva. Robert Frank, MD Plastic Surgery conducts labiaplasty for women from Munster, Hobart, Crown Point, and Frankfort who typically have one or more of the following concerns:

  • The shape and size of a woman’s labia may create discomfort during certain activities, such as horseback riding or biking.
  • There is variation in the way that the labia looks from person to person, so the concept of “normal” is subjective. Patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their labia may wish to consider labiaplasty.
  • A woman may be experiencing more hygiene-related problems due to the shape of her genitals.

Labiaplasty is not a vaginal tightening procedure, however, it can be an effective solution for the above issues.* ThermiVa, also offered by our office, may be an option for patients with vaginal laxity, lubrication problems or stress incontinence.
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Dr. Frank’s Approach to Labiaplasty

Dr. Frank aims to give patients the details that they need to make informed decisions for their care. During an initial consultation, patients:

  • Meet directly with Dr. Frank—not just a nurse practitioner.
  • Are encouraged to describe the results they want to achieve with surgery.
  • Have time to ask questions, discuss options, and learn what to expect from labiaplasty.

Hobart, Munster, Crown Point, and Frankfort patients also receive a comprehensive price quote so that there are no surprises in billing. After they decide to move forward, a second visit with our practice includes preoperative testing, consent forms, and scheduling for surgery.

About the Procedure

Surprisingly, labiaplasty is not a particularly painful procedure.* Surgery takes place in a JCAHO-accredited facility, and patients can expect to go home afterwards. During the procedure:

  • Patients receive either sedation or general anesthesia. They can discuss both options with Dr. Frank in their consultation.
  • Dr. Frank uses a variety of techniques to give the vulva a natural and proportioned appearance.*
  • Dr. Frank applies dissolvable stitches, which naturally come out as the site heals.

Recovery from Labiaplasty

Patients from Hobart, Munster, Crown Point, and Frankfort patients typically return to work in a few days and can return to sexual activity within 3-4 weeks.* They visit our practice on a weekly basis throughout their recovery to ensure that they are healing properly.
Labiaplasty is an established surgery that has produced some of Dr. Frank’s most satisfied patients. Its immediate improvement in function, aesthetics, and hygiene can provide patients with a lasting resolution to concerns they may have had for years.*
Patients from Munster, Hobart, Crown Point, and Frankfort can learn more about labiaplasty by scheduling an initial consultation at Robert Frank, MD Plastic Surgery. Call Dr. Frank at (219) 513-2015 or use our online form today!
*Individual results may vary