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Breast augmentation lake county | robert frank mdFor Hobart women considering a breast augmentation, one of the choices they’ll need to make is how to have the implant placed – over the muscle (or sub-glandular placement) or under the muscle (sub-muscular placement). While Hobart-area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank of Robert Frank Plastic Surgery finds that under the muscle placement results in a more natural result, there are several pros and cons to each placement type. Continue reading to discover the pros and cons of over the muscle and under the muscle breast implant placements, and reach out to our Hobart-area offices if you have any further questions for Dr. Frank.

Over the Muscle Placement

With a breast augmentation, an over the muscle placement is when the breast implant is placed between the glandular tissue and the pectoral muscle. There are several pros to this type of placement, including:

  • An easier to perform and less invasive breast augmentation surgery;
  • Quicker recovery time and less post-op pain, as the muscle stays intact throughout the entire procedure;
  • Allows for more cleavage to be created;
  • Depending on the patient’s unique physique, an over the muscle breast implant placement may allow for a larger breast implant to be used in a breast augmentation; and
  • There is no risk that breast implants will become visually distorted when a Hobart woman flexes her pectoral muscles.

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However, an over the muscle placement comes with some cons, too, including:

  • A less natural breast augmentation result, though some Hobart women prefer a perkier “less natural” result;
  • Since implants are only supported by the skin, there is a risk that stretch marks will develop on the breasts;
  • You may be able to visibly see rippling across the upper breast; and
  • Makes mammograms more difficult to perform.

Under the Muscle Placement

For women desiring a more natural breast augmentation, an under the muscle placement is often the right choice for them. Additional pros of under the muscle breast implant placement include:

  • Less of a risk of implant rippling being visible;
  • Since the muscle is supporting the implant, there’s less stress on the breast skin and less of a chance of breast stretch marks;
  • Reduced risk of developing capsular contracture, in which a breast implant develops a hardened feeling and appearance, often requiring a breast revision surgery;
  • Makes mammograms easier to perform; and
  • It’s easier to get a combined breast lift and breast augmentation (or a future breast lift) when you have a sub-muscular breast implant placement.

There are some cons to sub-muscular breast implant placements, though. These include:

  • A slightly more invasive surgery and more intense recovering period since the breast muscle is cut;
  • Immediately after surgery, the breasts will appear a bit higher than natural until the breast muscles relax, though this typically dissipates within 4 to 6 weeks;
  • It’s possible that breast implants will appear distorted when Hobart women flex their pectoral muscles; and
  • Depending on a Hobart woman’s unique physique, it may be impossible to use a larger implant size for a sub-muscular breast augmentation.

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