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Sexy Model in Black Blouse and Red LipstickFor many Munster women, pregnancy, nursing, and aging causes their once-perky breasts to begin to lose fullness and sag. For some of these women, the new appearance of their breasts can cause them to feel self-conscious in clothing and when naked. Many of these Munster women seek information about how a breast augmentation might return their breasts to their former perkiness. But, is a breast augmentation guaranteed to make your breasts perky? Are there other procedures to consider, too? Read on as board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank of Munster’s Robert Frank Plastic Surgery provides his feedback and advice.
Your Breast Augmentation Results Depend on Your Unique Situation.
There are several factors that determine what your breast augmentation results will look like, including:

  • Your unique breast anatomy including your breast size and nipple position;
  • The size, shape, and profile of implants you choose;
  • Your skin quality and elasticity
  • Your breast augmentation expectations.

If you want your breasts to look full and perky after a breast augmentation, it’s important to communicate that goal with Dr. Frank. After an examination of your breast anatomy, Dr. Frank will be able to let you know if you are a candidate for augmentation alone or in need of a breast lift in addition to an implant.
Your Second Appointment with Dr. Frank Will Help You Visualize Your Breast Augmentation Results.
Patients who elect to proceed with surgery will visit us a second time for breast sizing. At this second appointment, Munster women have the opportunity to try on “sizer implants” in a bra. Patients tell Dr. Frank that this approach helps them to understand better what their breast augmentation results will look like. Munster patients who want perkier breasts can try on a variety of implant sizes, shapes and profiles to find the best implant for the results they desire.

Augmentation Before and Afters

Breast augmentation before and after comparison | robert frank md

*Individual results may vary

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We’re Here to Answer All of Your Breast Augmentation Questions.
Deciding to get breast augmentation can be a huge decision for a Munster woman; one that she likely does not take lightly. Because we know just how personal of a choice a breast augmentation is, we take extra care to answer all of our patients’ questions and concerns about breast augmentations. For this very reason, your initial consultation will always be with Dr. Frank, and not a patient coordinator, so that you can get your questions answered directly by the skilled professional who will be performing your breast augmentation.
If you have any additional questions about breast augmentation and how the procedure can make your breasts look perky, we encourage you to call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Frank. You can schedule your consultation today by calling our Munster offices at (219) 513-2015.