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Close up of flat female torso | robert frank mdMany residents in Lake County considering a tummy tuck spend a lot of time researching the procedure on the Internet. And as they are researching, they may have come across some accurate and some inaccurate information. Lake County board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank is here to clear up any confusion you may have on the procedure. Based on his 20 years of experience in private practice performing tummy tucks, he has compiled this list of 4 (somewhat surprising) tummy tuck facts for you.
Fact #1: You Shouldn’t Get a Tummy Tuck at the Same Time You Get a C-Section
It’s easy to understand the allure that Lake County women feel about a combined C-section and tummy tuck procedure. You’re already undergoing major abdominal surgery, why not nip and tuck while you’re at it? However, as Dr. Frank warns, you should be wary of any plastic surgeon that says they can do a tummy tuck at the same time as a C-Section. First, C-Sections and tummy tucks are two entirely different procedures, with two completely different goals – one is to deliver a baby safely, the other is to reduce sagging skin and excess fat in the belly. Second, pregnancy brings on a slew of hormones, water retention and weight gain, much of which will naturally dissipate as you go through the postpartum period. It is very difficult during a C-Section to decipher how much skin will naturally go back into place, and how much skin should be removed. While you may be anxious to regain your pre-pregnancy body right away, Dr. Frank recommends you wait at least 6 months after a C-Section to get a tummy tuck, and only after you are certain that you are not going to have any additional children, as future pregnancies can adversely affect your tummy tuck results.
Fact #2: You May Find That You’re Less Hungry After a Tummy Tuck
A tummy tuck doesn’t just remove loose skin, but also tightens up your abdominal muscles. And a surprising side effect of those tightened muscles is that there may be more tightness on your stomach, making you temporarily feel less hungry. This decrease in appetite can be so significant, that many Lake County men and women who undergo tummy tuck procedures find that they lose additional weight post-op, just from eating less.

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Fact #3: You May Have Some Numbness After Your Procedure
Any time you have a surgical procedure, there is a risk of temporary numbness as nerve endings can be cut during the surgery. This is true for a tummy tuck, too. However, this temporary numbness is nothing to be alarmed about. As Lake County plastic surgeon Dr. Frank explains, your nerve endings will naturally repair themselves the year following your surgery, and you will regain the sensation in your belly.
Fact #4: Tummy Tucks May Be Accompanied with Liposuction To Achieve Even Better Results
A tummy tuck is an excellent procedure for repairing separated abdominal muscles and removing sagging abdominal skin and stretch marks. But sometimes, depending on your unique physique, a tummy tuck itself is not enough to get the results you desire. Some Lake County men and women may also have stubborn excess fat in their love handles, pubic area or thighs that need to be contoured to give them their ideal look. For this reason, no two tummy tuck procedures are alike, as Dr. Frank will always work directly with you to come up with a personal treatment plan to give you the results you want.

How Can I Learn More Tummy Tuck Facts?

The best way to get straight facts about tummy tucks is to talk to Dr. Frank directly. If you’re a Lake County resident considering a tummy tuck procedure, we encourage you to call the Robert Frank Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule a consultation at (219) 513-2015.