Breast implants can offer women greater volume, but the breasts need to have enough pre-existing skin, muscle, and tissue to look natural after augmentation. Robert Frank, MD Plastic Surgery offers patients in Hobart, Munster, Wheaton, and Naperville breast fat grafting as a way of achieving this natural appearance.*

Mastectomy patients in particular may benefit from breast fat grafting. Along with other reconstructive surgery, it can give the newly-created breast and implant a smoother and softer curve.*

Dr. Frank’s Approach to Breast Fat Grafting

In an initial consultation, Dr. Frank discusses the procedure and determines whether the patient is a good candidate. Patients also have the opportunity to talk about other concerns they have that surgery may be able to address.

The fat Dr. Frank uses in breast fat grafting comes from the patient’s own body. As a result, patients can reduce an area that they feel is too fatty, such as the hips, thighs, or arms. Women may also combine the procedure with a tummy tuck, harvesting fat from the site and donating it to the breasts.

In a second visit, patients will have pre-operative testing, ask any further questions they have, and complete the necessary paperwork. They schedule their breast fat grafting treatment at an accredited facility, which signifies the highest standards of care.

About the Procedure

Fat requires a proper blood supply to stay healthy. Dead cells eventually are broken down in the area in which they are deposited, so the more carefully the surgeon handles donated fat and the better patients follow instructions in recovery, the greater the volume of fat that survives.
Dr. Frank and our team carefully manage donated fat throughout the procedure. We:

  • Wash the harvested material.
  • Use special equipment to separate the fat.
  • Inject the fat using a blunt-tipped cannula. This is particularly important in sensitive areas, such as the breast.

Dr. Frank takes time during the procedure to evaluate the breast’s shape and volume, adjusting the amount of donated fat until he achieves the right aesthetic outcome.

Recovery from Breast Fat Grafting

Dr. Frank’s patients typically recuperate quickly and are able to return to work within about a week.* The donor site must also heal, so this is typically the limiting factor for most people.

Patients will see the final outcome of their procedure after several weeks of recovery.* Typically, Dr. Frank over-injects fat by about 50% with the expectation that some cells will naturally die during the process. During this time, the volume of fat will change in the breasts, but the end result should be closer to what the patient wants to achieve.*

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*Individual results may vary