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No matter how well you’ve taken care of your skin over the years, you simply can’t stop the signs of aging. When BOTOX and fillers are no longer getting the job done, and you have significant wrinkling in the lower or upper face, hanging jowls, neck laxity or other facial concerns, it may be time for you to consider a facelift. A procedure that is able to greatly turn back the hands of time,* Dr. Frank’s goal when providing patients a facelift is to make them look like a better version of themselves for their age – and not like they’ve had work done.*

As a board-certified surgeon with years of experience performing plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Frank of Robert Frank, MD Plastic Surgery is one of Frankfort, IL’s most desired practitioners for facelifts. His technical training, artistic eye, and focus on safety and comfort are an incredible combination that deliver natural-looking results to his patients.*

Your Facelift Consultation

Deciding to get a facelift is a very personal decision, and Dr. Frank understands that. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why he meets with every single one of his plastic surgery candidates from Frankfort, IL during their initial consultation, instead of having them meet solely with a patient or surgical coordinator. Robert Frank, MD Plastic Surgery wants to know from the get-go what problem areas you’d like to address and your desired outcome so he can realistically answer whether or not they are possible. He also wants to develop a relationship with you, so that you can be completely comfortable expressing your concerns to him.

Because Dr. Frank is so concerned with giving you the best possible results, he may suggest additional procedures that will help you attain your desired outcome. These can include a chin implant or neck lift.

Dr. Frank also wants to be upfront about the costs of this elective procedure. Unlike other Frankfort plastic surgeons who may just tell you the surgery fee, Dr. Frank’s office provides a quote for all of the anticipated costs of your facelift surgery, including the surgical fee, anesthesia fee, etc. He definitely doesn’t want you to be surprised by hidden fees after you’ve entrusted him to perform a procedure that is so delicate and personal.

Is a Facelift Right For You?

Simply desiring a facelift isn’t enough to become one of Dr. Frank’s patients. As a doctor first, and plastic surgeon second, Dr. Frank understands that some Frankfort patients simply won’t be ideal candidates for elective surgery. Therefore, Dr. Frank requires all his patients to:

  • Pass preoperative testing, including a preoperative appointment from their general physician
  • Be in good general health, which doesn’t mean that having an existing medical condition automatically excludes you from having a facelift
  • Listen to Dr. Frank explain the procedure and anticipated results, and communicate back to him that you have realistic expectations for your facelift
  • Be non-smokers, as smoking constricts blood vessels and can complicate the surgery and recovery time, as well as negate your results over time if you continue smoking after your facelift
  • Be in good psychological health

What To Expect During Facelift Surgery

When the day for your facelift finally comes, you’ll arrive at an accredited Frankfort surgical center having fasted for at least 12 hours to ensure the safe administration of general anesthesia – the strong medication that will put you to sleep during your surgery for your absolute comfort.

Exactly what Dr. Frank will do in the operating room will all depend on your unique facial features and the problem areas you are addressing:

  • To fix deep wrinkles or facial sagging, Dr. Frank will make a “hidden” incision in your hairline, from the front of your ear and around the back to the bottom of your ear
  • To address jowls or a sagging neck, Dr. Frank will make an incision under your chin

With all his facelift patients, Dr. Frank makes every effort possible to disguise incisions so that scarring isn’t visible.*

What Is The Recovery From Facelift Like?

After your surgery is complete, you will be brought into a recovery room where you will wake up from the effects of general anesthesia. Some Frankfort facelift patients find they are nauseated after the surgery, which is a completely normal side effect of general anesthesia. Most patients will be cleared to return home the very same day of their surgery.*

Many of Dr. Frank’s patients report they feel little to no pain after their surgery.* You’ll need to take a week off for your recovery, as you’ll have drains placed to aide your healing.* After that, you can return back to your daily activities. For most patients, swelling and bruising will subside in about four week’s time.*

Schedule a Facelift Consultation near Frankfort, IL

If you want to rid yourself of the signs of aging so you look on the outside as great as you feel on the inside, then it may be time to consider a facelift.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Frank – a sought-after plastic surgeon serving Frankfort – call our offices today at (219) 513-2011 or contact him online.