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Breast augmentation hobart lace | robert frank mdOne of the biggest concerns of our patients who have decided to get breast augmentation is how their breasts will “feel” afterwards. Most patients want breasts that feel “natural” and “unaltered”. Because this is such a common question, we wanted to put together some of the factors that can contribute to our patients getting as “natural” feeling breasts as possible after their breast augmentation.
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Natural Feeling Breast Augmentation

Hobart women who want to look as good on the outside as they do on the inside can get outstanding, natural-feeling breasts even with a breast implant. But there are a few different factors that go into determining exactly how natural your breasts feel afterwards.

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  • Implant type – There are a number of different types of implants including saline, silicone, and cohesive-gel implants (also called gummy bear implants). Each of these implants have their own advantages and drawbacks. Most women believe that silicone implants have a more natural feel as opposed to saline, which tend to exhibit the “rippling” effect at the edges. The gummy bear implants also have a very natural feel but they require a much larger incision.
  • Existing breast tissue – Another huge factor for natural feeling breasts is how much original breast tissue you have before the breast augmentation. Hobart women with smaller breasts who choose to get an augmentation, usually have less tissue at the start. For women with less breast tissue, silicone implants could be a great option since there is less chance of the rippling effect seen with saline implants.
  • Implant placement – For women who don’t have a lot of existing breast tissue, placing the implant under the pectoral muscle can increase the natural feeling of an augmentation by decreasing the risk of firmness, since there is more muscle to cover the implant. During your consultation with Dr. Frank, he can talk with you about whether or not he recommends placing the implant above or below the pectoral muscles for your body. For women who don’t have a lot of existing breast tissue, placing the implant under the muscle can help to create more natural-feeling breasts.
  • Implant size – The size of the implant you want will also play a part in how natural your breasts feel afterwards. Generally, the larger the implant, the less likely it is to feel natural after your breast augmentation.

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