There are a variety of facial concerns that people have as they age, but oftentimes patients complain about eyelid “hooding”, drooping eyebrows, and frown lines. For people in Munster, Hobart, Lake County, and Chicagoland, plastic surgery may have a solution to reverse these signs of aging. Robert Frank, MD Plastic Surgery provides brow lifts for patients in our community.


A brow lift is a technique for rejuvenating the upper third of the face. By raising the skin of the brow and forehead, you can dramatically improve a variety of facial issues.* Wrinkles and fine lines are eliminated to help patients look younger in a lasting way.*


The result is a refreshed, youthful appearance.* The scars are hidden entirely within the hairline and it’s often done alone or sometimes in conjunction with additional eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).*

Robert Frank, MD Plastic Surgery specializes in brow lift surgery in the Munster area. We welcome patients across Hobart, Lake County, and Chicagoland. For more information about brow lift surgery, call us at (219) 513-2011.

*Individual results may vary